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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Saturday, February 21

I'm still alive!

But my little guy is sick!! Take a look at him this morning...he's got what I had. He woke me up out of a dead sleep this morning with his coughing, poor boy. It's been school vacation week too, though he did go to a great Nature camp for three days...the other days we didn't do much of anything hoping he'd feel better. He didn't. He hasn't. Look at those dark circles. <sigh>poor baby!

So I'll give you a quick run-down on my week. The dog was happy that she got to go in the car everyday as we went to CREA to pick up the little V at his camp. Look at her, checking out the outside! I spent Monday and Tuesday working on assignments for EK Success. I made some cute things....hopefully I can share something with you soon. It was nice to feel better than I have in weeks, though still tired. I think I just need to get my butt in gear and start exercising. I've also been thinking about joining a Yoga Studio in town to jump start myself. I love yoga. Little V and I decided we both want the Wii Fit. Maybe I'll splurge and see if I can find one around. Anyone have it? Love it?? Would love to know what you think.

Why do I always do this to myself?? 35 miles until empty. Gheez!

I was really loving my new Claudine Helmuth paintbrushes, until I used this one the first time! I wasn't putting much pressure on it either!

Nothing that a little duck tape can't fix....gotta love that duck tape!

I got a big shipment of stamps from Inkadinkado this week, 192 to be exact. Now where to put them. I was thinking I need a narrow shelf around the top of the wall in my studio to put the wooden stamps on. Then I can see each stamp and get inspired by all the cool designs!
Clear stamp sets by Inka....

This was taken out my backdoor on Wednesday. Notice that the snow has melted quite a bit and I almost feel like spring might be on the way.

This was taken out same back door...just before I started working on this post, notice all the snow coating the my dreams of spring didn't last's back to shoveling and having the driveway plowed. We've got MORE snow coming tomorrow night....10 more inches...CALGON make it go away!

I've gotta to run and get something for the sick child, stay tuned for a craft post in a bit!


  1. oh poor little Guy ,hope he feels better real soon! and hope you pick up ,its an awful bug and it takes weeks before you feel right,we are still not 100%
    Oh 192 stamps!!!!!!! wow like the clear butterfly one I can see peaking out the box! what this set called!!?]Snow! honey you can just keep it there,we have had enough!!

  2. 132 stamps? Holy cow! LOL. where would I put them all. Hope your little one is soon on the mend. And hey, did you ever get those silly leaves? LOL.


  3. OH man... poor guy!!! Tell him I hope he starts feeling better!
    Those stamps look fun.. WOW>. what a bunch of them!
    I am SO ready for SPRING>. I'm about to go nuts! NO MORE SNOW!!!

  4. oh no! poor little guy-I so hope he feels better soon!!! So funny about the stamps- they are amazing. I just bought on Inkadinkadoo yesterday- LOL -my first one :-)

    Huge hugs- miss ya girl!

  5. Poor thing. I hope he feels better soon. Bethany hasn't felt good either. We LOVE LOVE our wii fit. You would love all the yoga poses it has. The more you work out the more it unlocks poses. It has hula hoops too and all kinds of things.
    192 stamps???? oh my I wish I could come over and play!!


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