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Merrymeeting Art House, my on-line classroom!
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Monday, February 23

Finally, it's Christmas in February!

For two of my friends, that is if the weather holds out on Monday! I made these two 8 x 8 canvas pieces for two of my artsy buddies. We try to get together once a month for lunch and creating art or go shopping or something fun. I've been holding on to these since we were supposed to get together for our Christmas gathering! We're supposed to get together today for our artsy outing. Lunch at Karen's house and crafting too. I hoping we make some stained glass birdies like what I saw on Sally Jean's website the other day! Speaking of birdies, check out the little chicks that Vic posted on Saturday, aren't they adorable. I need to make a trip to Michael's soon to get some! What a cute teacher's gift for Easter!! I think I must be falling in love with birds or something!
I totally love the way these came out, though I'm not sure what the numbers signify....I just liked the cards I guess!
Isn't that tiny rosebush adorable? My Mom gave it to me for Valentine's Day! Well, that's all for today. Have a great Monday! We're got dumped on with snow again! Make the bad snow stop, I want spring! I want to start gardening and working outside. PLEASE go away bad snow.


  1. love these 2 canvases... so cute!! i hope that you and your friends have a wonderful day!! enjoy...

  2. I love your canvas's they are so colorful and bright! Mine sits proudly on my mantel and everyone always says how neat it is. Snow?? yikes. We haven't gotten to much so far I'm hoping it is getting close to spring we just planted our tomato/pepper seeds in the tray! Hope the little guy is feeling better!

  3. Those canvases are so amazing-I love them!!!

  4. CAT.. those Canvases are SO stinking cool! Oh the one with the butterfly is SO totally sweet! ..But LOVE them both! Your talent is amazing!

  5. Wow! Nice canvases!!! Could one of them be for meeeeeeeee?!?!?! No gathering yesterday...but our gatherings are always worth the wait ;-) I missed alot...just went down the last two postings also. Glad Little v is feeling better!

  6. These are so cool...The pink one is my fave, love the heart shaped button on the lady...they are just wonderful!


  7. oh just love both of these canvases
    both totally adorable
    love the beautiful mini rose
    hope your spring arrives soon!!

  8. Love the 2 canvas! WOW!!! Would love to be added to your little group if I would live close by! Have a great week Catherine!!! Sxx


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