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Wednesday, February 11

Cupcake Bites...

I talked about making these cupcake Bites from Bakeralla on Monday for my Little V's Valentine party tomorrow, but only IF I got all my assignments that are due on the 13th for EK done. I'm happy to say that I got EVERYTHING done, including the bites.

If you click on the link in the previous post to read Bakerella's recipe, it calls for peanut butter cup type candy molds - I looked everywhere in my town last week and over the weekend for them and no one had them. bummer. But, I ended up improvising! And they turned out ok, NOT perfect by any means, but they look cute, and how long do you think a bunch of 9-10 year olds are going to look at them and pick them apart and contemplate whether I had a mold or not???? THEY aren't!! One of the other issues I had is, I don't have a microwave so I had to use a double boiler to heat up the chocolate and I think I got the pink to hot...because when I dipped the cupcakes into the pink for the frosting some of the chocolate ended up melting. Oh well, it all goes to the same place and tastes the same too!

So, you want to know how I improvised without a candy mold? I followed her recipe exactly, except instead of pouring the chocolate into a candy mold I poured it into mini-cupcake liners that were in a mini-cupcake pan. When the chocolate had set completely, I tore the liners off and moved onto the next step!

These were actually pretty easy, and I think they're going to be tasty too.
Have a great day everyone, and go make some cupcake bites!


  1. oooh, delicious little morsels!
    Have a sweet time... C. xxo

  2. they look so yummy!
    Can you ship me a couple... would love to try them! Hope all is good with you! ATC mission for me this w-end! Something leaving in the mail for you tomorrow! New batch to come! Hugs Sxx
    Will also send you a project I made (that I will soon share on my blog, but I really think that you will love it!)

  3. Hey, do you deliver? I am only down the street a short distance!!! Great looking cupcakes! I bet they were/are yummeeeeeeee! Hope to see you soon!

  4. Hi Cat

    Oh they look so yummy m'mm

    Hugs Sarah xx

  5. these are adorable and i am sure that they are yummy!! lucky little v!!!! happy valentine's day catherine!!

  6. oh these look so yummy and great improvising !
    oh now I need chocolate bad!!

  7. Oh these look so good.
    I haven't been blogging around for so long, good to catch up and I hope your well.


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