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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, January 9

Poor Neglected Blog

This poor neglected blog, I feel so bad for it - every day it's on my to-do list to work on...make changes to...spruce up...but I just don't get to it. Today I got a wild hair and totally re-arranged my studio. Lots of purging that needs to be done, but the furniture is placed how I think will work best for me. When the light is better I'll share some pictures, I love my studio but find lately I'd rather work in the living room. That does not make my husband happy, that's for sure. My stuff is all over the coffee table with no room for a drink for anyone...he he. At least I'm not holed up in my studio but hanging out with him, right?

My dear friend Vic gave me this award a little bit ago, and I've been lazy about getting it posted here. THANKS Vic, hope you're not to busy these days working on CHA Assignments! I think I have to give this to 7 people/blogs, so here goes:

  1. Scrapbook Trends: I love Nat's blog...very creative and she always has lovely and creative pictures of Germany.
  2. Bonorama Mama: Shawn is a great internet friend - and I met her last summer. We do a lot of ATC Swaps and I've really enjoyed getting to know her through her blog, I know you will to.
  3. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman: You've got to read Ree's blog, she is hysterical, plus she has great give aways all the time!
  4. Simply Rose: I met Rose through Vic, she's a really cheerful, creative and fun lady.
  5. On the Funny Side of Life: Stephanie is another wonderful blog friend, and we also do a lot of ATC swaps! She actually lives close enough (well, kinda) that a visit isn'treally OUT of the question - as long as my husband goes on another fishing trip to upstate New York...then we'll visit.
  6. Abagadassett Art: Say that three times fast :-) Karen is a creative soul that lives near me and we get together and create art, go on lunch trips and long road trips to antique stores and places that make HUGE whoopie pies. VERY Creative and fun friend.
  7. Life is full of 4 Leaf Clovers: Kelley she's one of the nicest, gentle wonderful friends that I have. Also very creative, she's the third musketeer in any fun lunch or road trip that Karen and I have.
Ta Ta For now, have a great weekend everyone!


  1. so glad to hear from you!! have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. ahhh thank you sweets!

    hey...I'm really stinky right now- LOL! I have been wondering what is up with you and I wanted to write you and all...because I had not seen your blog updated forever in my blogroll. So just today I realize that you really blogged the whole time- but the feed reeder somehow doesn't work!!!! So please please- don't think I didn't care...I just didn't know! GRRR.

    Is it something you can change in your blogger account?

    Huge hugs

  3. HI Cat, Glad you are ok!!! Have fun organising your studio!!

  4. Great links Catherine. Thank you for your comments on my blog, I do think quilting with paper is far more my thing, really felt quite restricted by the fabric. I was interested to see your sewing on paper book and have put it in my Amazon trolley!

  5. Awesome! You make it easy to be friends and I can't help be creative when I am hanging out with you!!! I can't wait to see your revamped studio....the studio set up that you had was fantastic as is!!

  6. thanks just made my day :-) we have to plan another lunch or road trip soon....


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