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Thursday, February 28

THINGS i Love Collage

Sorry I've been a little MIA this week, I'm nursing some hurt feelings and just haven't felt like blogging... I've been working on this Things I love collage for a workshop at my friend Loretta's house next week. Several of her friends are driving down from Radcliff Island to attend, I'm really looking forward to this, for sure! Let's hope that the weather holds out for us...well Loretta lives just down the road from me and I could walk there, but her friends have quite a drive to make! I originally fell in love with Charlotte Lyons' collage in the December/January issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. If you don't have this issue, you must go out and pick it up if you can still find it. It's a lovely article. Well, TTFN, I need to get the WAX out and stick some stuff down to this bad baby!


  1. Oh no Cat, it sucks to get your feelings hurt :( Hugs to you! Your collage is GORGEOUS! I'm going to have to look for that, I've never heard of cloth paper and scissors though is it a magazine?

  2. don't be hurt - sending you much love!!!! Love this collage- oh my - I wanna be taught by you!!!!

  3. Ouch!!! I have just finished reading Bj of
    so I would be careful of that wax.
    Hope you are doing better after nursing your hurt feelings.
    Love the collage.
    Have a great day.

  4. Darn Catherine, I'm sorry you've been nursing hurt feelings.

  5. Cat I'm loving your collages. They're ace.


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