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Friday, February 22

Close Up of my True Colors

Thought I'd share a quick little ditty today....a close up, sneakie peakie of my submission for Quilting Arts/Cloth, Paper, Scissors True Colors Challenge. The chosen "ones" will travel to the Make It University!™ at the International Quilt Festival/Spring in Chicago, April 11–13, 2008....hopefully I'll be one of the lucky ones.... or rather, "she" will be one of the lucky ones!

I'm going over to Manchester in the morning to take a class from Donna Downey at the KISS Event at the Radisson Hotel. Looking forward to it, though I still need to pack and Big V wants to watch a movie tonight....maybe I can take a nap on the way over....

So, I'll catch up with ya'll on Sunday! TTFN friends!


  1. Have fun at your class, Cat!

  2. this sneak looks soooo cool! Have fun at the WS!!!!

  3. Ohhh, what a pretty ditty! I'm sure she will be one of the lucky ones! Have fun at your class! I've heard she is fun to take a class with!

  4. Can't wait to see the whole thing! I hope you had fun at your class!

  5. Well, what I can see of this looks beautiful so I just know the whole thing is gorgeous and I so want you to be chosen!!!

    Hope you enjoyed the class!!!


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