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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, February 3

It's the Weekend!!

I just can't believe that it's February 2nd already!! (Edited: Does that say anything about anything, it's actually February 3rd....he he) It seems to me that from October to just after New Year time flies...I feel like I blink and the Holidays are over and it's time to settle in for winter. And then when it gets to January, time stops. January to me (well and March too) are the longest months of the year. The weather here in Maine is frightful at best, and we're inside a LOT! Though I don't like to wish my life away, I can't help but wish once or twice for January to be over and behind we can get to spring! Speaking of Spring, my lovely friend and EK Success CAT Member Nicole sent me a scan of my article in the Spring issue of Creative TECHniques Magazine. (THANKS Nicole!!) If you are into printing on fabric with your inkjet printer you've got to get this mag and check it out. This article reviews 4 of the printable fabrics on the market today.

For all of you anxious-readers out there, time is getting down's getting closer to Tuesday that is and the big drawing. Remember, I've added a hand crafted item to the pot and I'll be sending out two copies of Art from the Heart AND one piece of art....GOOD LUCK everyone.

I'm trying to visit all of you and send a personal thank my visits I've found some really lovely blogs...and other give-aways too. For tomorrow's post I'll make a list of some of the lovely blogs that I have visited in the last several you everyone can takea minute or two to vist them to!

In other news, if you get Donna Downey's newsletter check out who she mentions in "Inspired By"...ok ok. I'll save you a couple of minutes in case you don't get it. This is what she wrote about Art from the Heart:

inspired by... An absolute must have book is Art from the Heart: Mixed-Media Collageby Catherine Matthews-Scanlon. I just got this book last week and it is already dog-eared and loved. It has some of the most classy and creative examples of mixed media collage...a total inspiration!

Thank you really DID make my day! I also realized that with this post I have 200 posts since I started this thing...I am pretty happy with that as I never thought I'd make it this long!!! Have a lovely Sunday everyone!!


  1. So cool - congrats Cat!!! And Donna just says what is true - you inspire me since ever I started scrapbooking . Big hugs hon!

  2. Congrats to you!!! I love all your stuff you post and I can't wait for our little swap :) Your work is beautiful!!!!

  3. I came across your shout out on our Artchix Studios yahoo group AND a bit by Donna D yesterday - so happy I did! I hope I am posting in the correct spot as I'd find it an honor to receive a book or piece of art. :) My biggest delight is finding your blog & cannot wait to add it to my list of must read blogs!

  4. Well, I've already put my name in the hat for the Tuesday drawing, but I was drawn back to your blog once again. I really enjoy your artwork Catherine! Sherry and since Saturday night at 9:44pm I've been moving over all of my "stuff" from one blog to a new one. WOW . . what a job!

  5. Bravo!!! Donna's review is wonderful, you must be so excited and I would imagine a dream come true. What an achievement, writing such a beautiful book. Writing a book is on my "things to do before I'm pushing up daisies" list, still a dream for me but you are an inspiration... dreams can come true!

    always dreaming,

    thanks for popping by for a visit and your kind words

  6. that article ROCKS!!! THANKS! very awesome book too! i put my name in for it and still have my fingers for some interesting


  7. Congratulations! That is really exciting. Your work is outstanding and deserves to be in print!

    ~ Jennifer

  8. Great Review!!! It's so nice when we're good to each other! My friend told me I had to get your book, and I had already seen your're getting around, girl!
    Good for you!
    Linda Cain

  9. While surfing different art blogs, I stopped at yours - what great inspirations. I add your link to my list and will return from time to time... and right now I bought your book at an online book shop... wow, now I am looking forward. All the best and lots of creative ideas! BR Manja


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