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Wednesday, February 6

"Sweet Friend" Recycled Godiva Truffle Box

My husband loves Godiva chocolates, and so I buy him a box for every special occasion....and then when the box is empty I save it...I have a bunch of them stashed here there and eveywhere... Yesterday I got it in my head that I would break myself out of my creative rut by making them look pretty....and pretty they look. I've got three of these beauties that I'll be adding to my Etsy later...and some more that I need to work on today. Have a great day everyone


  1. Lovely little Valentine boxes! I missed your drawing for the book but I'm so glad to have found your blog :)

  2. oh that is soooo cute!!! Love them!

  3. adorable!!! You are just so creative! I love that you are recycling! I'm working on your little gift today :)

  4. very pretty! will you give him one filled with chocolate too? :-)

    came for the book but gah! I'm to late. it looks so wonderful though!

    take care

  5. Great idea for recycling -- and they look incredible!

  6. I love the way that you altered this box...just gorgeous! smiles...

  7. Hee hee..Don't sit still or you'll get collaged! I a malways arting up boxes. Your's is great! I'mhavein a giveaway for One World One Heart..stop by!

  8. You really know how to put projects together so well. What a talented lady you are.


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