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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, December 13

Pay It Forward...and catch up!

I am finally home from Virginia, and happy to be creating and catching up in my own little home. Managed to get a work out in today - along with my ScrapMuse Newsletter responsibilities and some other fun things.....phew. I am happy to be home, now I need to get ready for the Holidays. I haven't done a lick of shopping or cleaning or even cards....I am so behind....if I could just get away from the computer! Looks like I have the three participants in the PIF game.....Shawn, Kacy and Trace...send me your addresses and I'll send you a little something... Shawn...I already have your address so you don't have to ;-) THANKS ladies for playing along. Well, I think we, for the first time in YEARS...I mean A LOT of years...we're going to have a white Christmas. We already have about 10 inches on the ground, with more coming tonight and a major snow event coming on Sunday night. I'm good with it, that means that we get to stay home all day on Monday and have a pajama day....gotta love those pajama days!

I'm happy to report that Art from the Heart is shipping from Amazon. As soon as I get my copies I plan on a fun little give-away so stay tuned for that. Not sure what the hold up is but I know they'll be coming along soon. I have heard a ton of great feed back from people that have purchased get yours while they last! If you have a special some one that wants one you still have time to order and insure delivery before Christmas.

Many Hands Art Fair Leftovers

The cards below are left overs from the various shows, I've got a bunch more things to list but thought I'd start here. These are all hand made, watercolor painted stamped images with vintage papers, ribbons, gold sewing machine stitching and other things. If you are interested you can send the money via paypal and I will ship to you ASAP! These cards are so beautiful that they could be framed and used as a decoration next year.

Vintage Santa, set of 5 cards with Vellum envelopes: $28.00

We Three Kings Card, with Navy envelopes, recycled materials, reproduced music sheet and machine stitching. Set of 2: $14.00

4" x 6" Post Cards on Watercolor paper with vintage buttons, gold stitching, watercolor stamped image with a clear envelope. Set of 3: $15.00

Set of 4 Shell Cards: Stamped, stitched with ribbon and recycled materials. $24.00

ps. the kraft colored ribbon around the belly of the three cards is to hold my business card on the back with the price. It is not part of the design.

If you need closeup pictures email me at luvlife@gwi[dot]com

I'll post some more items tomorrow or late today!

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  1. Cat be on the lookout you have a surprise headed your way :) WOW 10 inches of snow??? We are supposed to get 3-6 inches on saturday. I do love snow must be the Nebraskan in me. hehe I've got your new book on my wishlist let's hope Santa thinks I'm good :)


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