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Tuesday, December 25

Christmas Afternoon

Merry Christmas everyone!! I can't believe that my Little Valentine still believes in Santa....but he does. Last night the Santa Doppler came on the news and he was riveted to the news. It was so adorable to see. He wrote Santa a letter (and asked him if MOM was on the naughty list...he he he - naughty boy!) and asked for his address so they could be penpals. What a boy.
I also can't believe - after all the stress of shopping and deciding what to purchase, the gift wrapping with fancy papers, all the baking and extra cooking I've been up to - and then the money spent - it was over in a matter of 30 minutes. LV woke us up at 4:15 begging to get up. The answer wasa flat out NO, go back to sleep - and he did, until about 5:30... when he asked if he could go downstairs to see what Santa had left - by that time I was wide awake and decided it was time for all of us to get up. After the coffee was made and everyone settled in their favorite perch, it was over so fast. The wrapping paper that I so lovingly wrapped all his gifts in haphazardly discarded....and in the garbage heap right now...unbelievable.

You know, really - it was so worth it - to see the happiness on this boy - we weren't extravagant - but he got many of the things on his list. And our little Guinness iS HAPPY too - Santa brought her a new chipmunk to chew... this is her staring at the live grey squirrel on my Mom's bird feeder...the mere mention of the "s" word sends her screaming (quite literally) to the door begging to be left out!

My Santa brought me a new Epson 1400 or something like that ....yummy! Can't wait to start printing 13x19 pieces of fabric....look out people - this is gonna rock!

Ta Ta for now, the Crown Roast is calling my I need to prepare a salad and some other little things. I've got to melt the Jalapeno Jelly I made this fall and pour it over cream cheese for a quick before dinner snackie snack. I'm a little hungry right now! :-)


  1. Merry Christmas Cat! Love the cute kids pic, I do wanna know if you were good? :) Our annie got a squirrel in her stocking too it won't last long before she rips it to thread! You gotta share how you print on fabric!! Wow I didnt even think of getting a printer that prints that big, I may have to take mine back! Merry Christmas!!!

  2. your all so cute!
    have a great day!
    jessi nagy

  3. Oh... sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Cat!


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