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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, December 21

L.L. Bean ROCKS!

We went shopping at L.L. Bean in FreeKport yesterday and had a few extra minutes left over to check out the new addition to their Hunting and Fishing department. They created a huge addition with a log bridge, with a nice place to relax in front of a fire place on leather chairs watching a big screen They really know how to make ther customers feel comfortable..... ( I say Freekport because usually it's packed with rude people and cars and it just freaks me out.... but yesterday was nice because it was snowing heavely so most people stayed home! )

Anyway, the walkway on the first floor over to the addition has a lovely fish tank...with a bubble on the inside that you can get into and feel like you are really close to the fish. We had so much fun making faces in there....and while we were in the bubble my good friend Leslie walked by... I always run into her in the weirdest places....her daughter and my Little Valentine were fast friends in the bubble...and check out Leslie - she sure has that trout face down doesn't she?
That's us....yes - I've been wearing my glasses a lot lately.

Leslie making funny faces at the old cranky Brown Trout in the tank!

My little Valentine, face to face with Rainbow Trout, totally in heaven!

Well, TTFN...I've got a few people I need to make some special things for and hopefully get them in the mail tomorrow....maybe Monday....


  1. HELLO my kitty! Sorry I missed your call's been nuts. We're supposed to get snow and wind tomorrow, so I was getting my running done today. Wanted to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a FANTASTIC NEW YEAR!!!

  2. Those photos are sooooooo cool!!!!

    Hope you are doing good Sweets!


  3. I love those photos Cat, I love LLBean although I have never been to the store. We have a Cabela's that is sort of near us (2 hrs away) that we visit that has the fish tanks like that. I could sit and watch the fish all day. I too have been wearing my glasses, I think I am getting too old for my contacts, my eyes just don't like them anymore. HAHA. Wishing you and your family and Very Merry Christmas.

  4. those pics are so cute!!! we have cabela's here too and it is so fun to go see the fishes!!


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