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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, November 6

They WERE supposed to fix this...

A couple of weeks ago I noticed some black stuff on the molding behind our side door when I was cleaning. I made a mental note (which flew out as soon as I asked the Big V to look at it) and I completely forgot all about the black stuff.
Now I know exactly what that crap is. It's mold. BLACK mold growing on the wall - from the water that is seeping in when it rains. The people that built our house were supposed to fix the door, because it was installed incorrectly. Looks like they didn't do such a hot job. And, now that I've pulled the linoleum back to let the floor dry I can't get it back in there flat....They said they'd have someone "contact me right away) to get it fixed. That was first thing yesterday morning. It rained and was windy all day today....and I've not gotten a phone call from anyone. It's so frustrating I tell ya! Do people have pride in their work anymore?

In happy news, I've been making stuff like crazy for two trunk shows I have coming at the end of the month. My coffee table has been turned into my evening work table - so I can work AND watch my favorite shows. I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow to share. It was so dark (almost like dusk) at 2 this afternoon that I decided to wait until tomorrow!! Well, ttfn. Hope it's dry where you are!!


  1. Oh...your teasing me! I WANNA SEE what you been making girl!!!

    Sorry about your floor! That just stinks!

  2. Oh no that is a bummer! We had a similar situation when we built our house. Our builder didnt use any flashing between the house and our deck so we had some mold issues too. Clorox and lowe's became our best friends. ugh. I hope you get someone to fix it soon. Can't wait to see your pretty things you created! :)

  3. Catherine where are you!!! I miss reading your stories and seeing your pretties!!


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