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Tuesday, May 22

Thank you Friend!

Once again the power of a friend has touched me and made my heart feel so much better. My good friend and very talented artist Vicki Chrisman mentioned me on her blog, not just a casual mention.....but she said I was the most inspiring scrapbooker....thank you dearest, sweet totally switched my day for me! The issues of the day remain the same, but my heart is a bit lighter....
So, who inspires me the most? I must say that the woman that most inspired me when I first started scrapbooking my memories was Rebecca Sower....and she still inspires me... she inspires THE WORLD.....but, there is another artist that totally BLOWS my mind and drops my jaw when I see her art that deserves mention. She is on the ScrapMuse Design Team, and her lovely name is Lana Rappette. THANKS Lana for all the cool things you do to inspire me! Now, you're it! xox. Plus, her journaling is very touching and often times I get teary when I read her words, like on this page "Just Ask" that she has in her ScrapMuse gallery!


  1. I agree, Lana is very inpiring also! I'm glad this brightened your day... it's the truth!

  2. I agree too Lana rocks my world too!!! Hope oyu are feeling better!!!

  3. I've been thinking about you and your dad today... hope things are okay.


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