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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, May 16

Catch UP time!

Sorry it's been so long, all I can say is we've been LOVING having Joe around full-time instead of just every other weekend or whenever he could come home from RI.
  • The retirement ceremony was awesome! So many letters of appreciation from so many IMPORTANT people. (John McCain, Arnold Schwarzanegger, President Bush, Bill and Hilary Clinton, the Gov. of Maine John Baldacci, Former President Bush....and that's all I can remember at the moment.) Ian was made an Honorary Firefighter - and I got a certificate of appreciation too! It was wonderful - and now on to our life OUTSIDE the military. So many uncertainties, so many possibilities - so exciting! Here's a picture of Ian receiving his honorary Firefighter shirt!

  • I was sick with some kinda stomach bug / dizzy head yesterday - laid out on the couch most of the day. The good thing was I got several naps in and relaxed most of the day.
  • Took the Dog for her Heartworm/Lyme Disease and other spring shots. Good News, she doesn't have Lyme or Heartworm....ya. But, I have to put that chemical stuff FrontLine on her and that grosses me out. I made Joe do it....HA!
  • I finished the ScrapMuse Newsletter for May. Wow, we used to have a NL that was 8 to 10 pages and I could breeze right through it. Now we're doing 15 to 17 pages JAM PACKED full of layouts, articles and inspiration. It takes me at least 5 hours to get it JUST right. Designing that kind of stuff still makes me happy.
  • I also whipped up a fun little layout for ScrapMuse with my Kit. If you have any questions, I 'll be happy to answer them! I have another one just waiting for me to print a picture and put it on. I loved the Crate paper in this kit! LOVED it!

  • Bernie Berlin talked about Ian on her blog the other day! It's the post from May 13th! Thanks Bernie. That made Ian so happy!
  • I've got classes scheduled at Absolutely Everything for June and July. Both great fun.....hope you can make it...
  • Well, that's about it. I keep promising to be a better blogger...but life is so busy....


    1. Oh.. Fantastic Cat! I'm sure you were all so proud! And should be!
      Ian looks like such a little "man" in that suit!
      I'm sorry you're not feeling well, especially when you have so much going on. You did a Fantastic job on the news letter! It is really something these days! Wow!
      Hope you are feel better soon , and tell Ian, I'm so impressed with him being a so note worthy on Bernnies blog! That is cool!

    2. Cat that is FANTASTIC news and Congrats to your DH. And Ian, a celebrity how fun. Hope you are feeling better and I love the SM newsletter, your hard work shows because it is beautiful.

    3. Congrats to all you you!!!! Hope you are doing much better!
      Your work with the NL is always amazing- your rock babe and so does your layout!!!

    4. Congrats! My husband retired from the Navy a year ago. I was proud (and happy!) Love your blog!


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