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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, May 22

How do you Stay Optimistic?

When life seems to throw curve balls at you left and right (ha - that sounds funny) what do you do to stay optimistic and believe that good will prevail over evil? I am struggling with this issue, as I always do. It's hard not to let the turkeys get me down ! Today I just feel like succumbing to these turkeys and sign on the dotted line so I can get on with my life an move in our house. Is it so wrong for a company to be honorable these days and do the right thing, the thing that they promised? Is it so wrong to ask for what was rightfully promised to us? Is it wrong to ask for a home that is free from defect? These are my struggles today. I have no art to share with you as I have visions of snakes in my head anyway!


  1. oh I know - if it really comes hard, I struggle with staying optimistic too but two things are really helping me:
    1 - the knowledge that everything turned out to be good again after a while and
    2 - my fear of ending deep down in a black hole of depression.

    Sounds weird- right? But this is what keeps me going and optimistic most of the times.

    Huge hugs to you - and lot's of Love!!!

  2. Just popped by & thought I'd leave a comment to let you know.... I read Vicki's blog & she referred to you as her most inspiring scrapbooker so I had to stop by!

    Glad to see you found a use for an Engineering text. That thought would never have occurred to me!

    I'll be back! Hope things are more positive!


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