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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, May 9

Absolutely EVERYTHING!

I'll be teaching this perpetual picture frame at AE on June 9th. It's a beginner Sewing on Paper class - and the advanced class will be in August..... Anyhoo, this has a canvas base, uses Crate Paper, Heidi Swapp flowers, Bazzill (love love them) buttons and a page protector. The page protector is left open on one side so you could slide a photo, calender, to-do list or whatever makes your heart flutter inside.
It was fun to make......
On another Martha note. Page 106 in her book "The Martha Stewart Cookbook" has an awesome banana bread recipe. If you don't have sour cream......try this is EXCELLANT! Whip up 1/2 cup of small curd cottage cheese in a blender and use as a subsititution!! OMG, awesome!
Well, we're off for the next couple of days for the Big V's retirement from the Navy.....wahoo!


  1. WOWSERS - what a stunning class this will be!!! I love love LOVE IT

  2. Honestly ..I'm speechless! HOLY COW! B*E*A*U*T*F*U*L

  3. oh wow- this looks so absolutely amazing- I wish I could do this class!!! Are you selling class kits?

  4. I love this SO much I just keep coming here to look at it! lol

  5. I just love your sewn paper peice here !
    (this is all the farther I got on your blog)

    You asked about the papers. I met a guy at the swapmeet that deals in paper. Photos, old letters, etc etc. And I asked if he ever gets wallpaper. Now he keeps an eye out --- I always look at estate sales and garages sales....sometimes you get lucky. There are only two places online I found and then ebay has some but it can get pricey. I have bought too many rolls on ebay ! laughing.

    ---AND ! you can get a packet of some of mine from me ! I am going to put some packets on for sale soon. Pam Garrison sells packets also from time to time. Sepia Art also sold packs at one time...I am not sure now if she still has them.

    Well good luck on your quest for papers ! It sure can be CONSUMING once you get started ! ((((laughing))))

    xo- S


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