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Saturday, May 5

A Beautiful DAY!

The Little V is growing up. I can hardly believe that he's all grown-up at almost 8! Today he made his First Holy Communion/Confirmation. It was a nice ceremony at the church (LOOOOOOOOOONG). He wore a suit (and my was he HANDSOME) and Gams was his Sponser. It was lovely. Joe was bored (I think it's because he doesn't know the songs ;-) after church we all went to lunch at 99. The lunch was good. It felt nice to dress up and look civilized for a change! He asked me to take this picture and look up to the peak of the church and have him and Jesus in the picture! So sweet. I was also very happy, in the almost 9 years that I have been with the Big V I have ZERO pictures of us together with nice smiles! I love this picture - one because he has a nice smile - two because my skin looks GREAT and I think I look really YOUNG, like no where near or close to 41 - and three - GOOD hair day! That's a reason for anyone to smile I tell ya!! Happy National Scrapbook Day everyone! Off to chat at ScrapMuse for a while crocodile!


  1. Geeezzzz Cat... you look Fantastic in both those photos! You and the guys all look great! Ian...looks SO grown up , and that photo of him looking up is just SO COOL!

  2. congratulations on this big day, Cat! you look gorgeous!!!! Huge hugs from Vermont. We came by Bomosseen yesterday and boy I did think about you!!! Some day we will make it huge hugs!


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