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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, December 14

Behind Schedule

Do you have your Christmas tree up yet? We don't.

Actually, we don't usually put our tree up until the weekend before Christmas, so we'll be getting one this weekend and getting it up. We did decorate the outside of the house last weekend and get some decorations out here and there.....but that's it.

I've been so busy - that today I finally stopped and thought - OMG - 2011 is in a couple of weeks. That means taxes, resolutions and all that fun stuff to deal with. URGH. At least it only comes once a year!

I've been busy working on classes and projects this week so I haven't made anything to share with you - but I do want to remind you that I'll be drawing a winner of the felt ornament tomorrow night - so it you haven't posted a comment on that post you'll want to do that SOON.

Well, back to work. My to-do list for today is still VERY long -- and the day is almost over! Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day!

1 comment:

  1. we havent started any decoration either , the house is amess but theres plenty of craft happening :)

    oh well theres always next week :)


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