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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, August 16

blueberry heaven....

To say that this summer has not been a summer of crafting really is an understatement. As much as I've wanted to do it, I just haven't! So many supplies to use and no ideas in my brain that want to come out. So, rather than push it, I attribute it to summer and do summer things. Like surf the internet in the cool comfort of my home, LOL. (I must admit, closing the house up in the early morning from the heat and opening it up in the evening really works. When I came home this afternoon it was 74 inside and 86 outside, and the air conditioner is still in my closet untouched fromwhere it was dropped there 2 years ago! Don't tell my husband that I said that though, lol!!)

I must somehow step away from the computer, that's for sure! It's sucked me in. I've discovered that I find some really great blogs by going to one that I like and then following the links to their favorite blogs. MUST. STOP.SOON. Between Facebook and blogs I'm sucked in every night until late. WAY.TO.Late!

I did manage to complete a fun stamping project (yes, a Halloween project can you believe that??) on Friday which turned out really cute. But, it was a struggle at first. Happily it's now done and just needs to be sent home to Pennsylvania. On a side note, you will love the new Inkadinkado fall stamps!! They've introduced some really lovely sketched images, and lots of other really cool images. Thinking I might get inspired by one of my favorite holidays....and make some Halloween projects..... or maybe I'll just buy some paint and paint the hall this week.

I'm thinking the hall will win out over anything else. We've got company coming for the weekend. Annual Family Lobster Feed. Lots of family. Lots of lobster. Maybe lots of beer too. And dessert. Can't have a party in this family without a lot of great desserts. It's like beer for those that don't drink, like my Mom. And me, but I drink.

So, here's one of the summer activities we've been doing a lot of...picking blueberries. We went again on Saturday and picked 9 quarts in 1 hour and 10 minutes. It was great. I froze some, put some in the fridge and gave some away....aaaaah. Love those blueberries. Like my boy says, it's like picking grapes off the vine.


  1. ohhhhhhhhh - blueberries- I'm on my way to you :)

  2. They look so yummy!
    YES... buy the way got your email, we really need to start trading - missing my montly fix!
    Enjoy your end of summer and lets start back in september!


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