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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, June 6

i Inspire inspire you...Lana Inspires Me too!

My good friend Lana Rappette asked me a few weeks back to join her in her challenge blog, I Inspire Me and I am so glad she did. First, I'm in such a slump, both personally and professionally. Personally, I just hadn't been able t0 make a hill of beans look good, a dry spell of sorts. Rather than force myself to be creative I just rode the wave. Until Lana. THANK God for Lana because she asked me to play. And that got me to thinking out of my box and I made something. I also had a couple of assignments for Ek Success due for the summer show that needed my undivided attention. And thank God for Ek too - because I had to complete the assignments. And I did. And I love them. But anyway, I digress. The challenge was to be inspired by something that I was already inspired to do. This is what Lana has to say about the challenge:
I got this crazy fun idea and thought it might make a cool inspiration blog that we can all participate in! The idea is simple; I inspire me & you inspire you! Thus the title "I INSPIRE ME". Not enough description? What if I said it like this: we get our page ideas from ourselves by looking around at what we already love and have chosen to have in our lives.
So, I have been loving this photo I took of my new storage unit my Dad made me a while back, just loving the simplicity of it. So, I used it as my inspiration. And, I am happy - no ecstatic with the results! This is what Lana had to say about my take on her challenge:
By Cat: She used eclectic elements against a stark but warm background just as she has in her office bookcase. Cat's interesting self portrait contrasts in black. More warm browns & yellows are picked up in the details. And the topic of interest is even more relevent, she says she "IS NOT wrinkle free". Now her antique inspirations have an even deeper meaning.
THANKS Lana. Also, what's been saddening me this week is another DEAR friend Leslie. Her son was hurt in some kind of bombing in Afghanistan last week. If you could all please send your prayers her way I would really appreciate it. He's at the Burn Center in San Antonio, TX right now but the burns aren't the what's so serious, it's the head wound he received. She needs all the good vibes we can send her way! LOVE Ya Leslie!


  1. UR layout is amazing- I hear u about losing inspiration but ur a fab designer and thank goodness for Friends! Hugs and prayers for ur friend and her family !


  2. Wow Cat beautiful! I have been in a wierd rut too challenges are so nice they help you focus on something and forget the stuckiness! :) Praying for your friend and for her son. Take care Cat :) hugs.

  3. Having been there, that is the reason my blog is "Friends in ART." They are what lifts us up when we are down. And being an artist, we all know, there are plenty of those's just a given.
    Prayers to all the military and their families.
    Linda Cain

  4. such a gorgoeous gorgeous layout- totally love this!

    I'm so sad about Kevin - I keep thinking of Leslie and him!

  5. I LOVE what you did with your "inspiration"!
    And I'm with ya... all our prayer for Leslie and Kevin right now.
    Hugs to you my friend!
    Counting down the days till your here in Nebraska!!!!!


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