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Friday, April 4

The Golden State of Love...but not with Wal-Mart

The Golden State of Love, originally uploaded by CatherineScanlon.

I spent a good portion of my day working on prepping 175 x 3 wallet sized photos (yes that's 525 photos) that I had printed at Wallie World. When I say prepping I mean trimming to the size that will fit on the mats that were cut by Prism.

Let me say that BEFORE I ORDERED my photographs - and before I filled out the spreadsheat to order my my pre-cut mats that came from Prism I called WALLIE WORLD to find out exactly what size the wallet sized photos would be. THAT'S BEFORE I STARTED DESIGNING, AND ORDERING.

The answer to my question what size are your wallet photographs - that the fine Danielle at the Brunswick Wal-Mart told me was 2 1/2 x 3 1/4. I designed my whole project AROUND WHAT this DANIELLE TOLD ME, because I thought that she had actually measured the wallet sized photo so she knew she was giving me accurate information. I told her how important it was that this be the correct measurement. She said she understood and this WAS THE EXACT measurement.

In the event that you have to order 175 of 3 styles of wallet sized photos to fit a particular size of pre-cut mat, make sure that you don't order from your local Wal-Mart - and spend nearly $200.00 on said images - to save yourself some work. Because. well. To be honest = WAL-MART SUCKS. I spent all damn day trimming these freakin' images to fit the mats because some idiot at Wal-Mart couldn't be bothered to measure the damn size of the wallet sized photo. It would n't have bothered me so much if I it was my mistake! Also, the 4 x 6 photographs are NOT 4 x 6. I asked her that too...and I had to cut 175 of those down to fit on the mat that was cut for that too!

Anyway, because I was so sick of trimming my photos I took a break in the afternoon and made this little gem - trying to stick to my Golden State challenge. My dearest friend Vic sent me the leaves and the Fancy Pants card...isn't she lovely??

TGIF people, TTFN!


  1. Walmart! I wouldn't walk through their doors if you gave me a million dollars! You probably saw this on the news.
    And it took the national news picking it up for them to get a frickin conscience and do the right thing! Like they don't have enough money without putting this woman's poor husband through hell!
    That being said, I love your piece! And your blog. Sorry about the rant, but the word walmart sets my mouth to frothing!

  2. Seriously Cat- you are such an awesome artist. Every piece you show touches my heart! I love your work. Do I sound like a stalker? LOL -well I'm just your biggest fan ;-)

  3. Oh.. I wish I had an option... if I lived in a place that had other options to shop.. I wouldnt ever go to walmart! I dread it! If what happened to you, had happen to me.. I'd be in tears. What a pain to have to trim all those, and how stinking frustrating to have specifically asked and then STILL have it not be right! ggrrr...
    Sorry you had to deal with that!
    As for the bingo card......YUMMY!!! as is everything you create! Glad you liked the goodies, and could put some of them to such great use! Sending you huge hugs!

  4. walmart is a pain! Oh I can't even imagine trimming all of those, I wish I lived closer I would have come over to help! Can't wait to see what you do with all of those. I love your Golden gate card it's gorgeous! How nice of Vicki too! She is sweet! :)

  5. I LOVE Walmart.... lol... if you lived in France where craft goodies are scarce and costly - you would love Walmart. I found some lovely goodies in there when I was in Florida! But I do understand your frustration Catherine - poor you! You made a gorgeous original looking piece of art though - that must have made you feel better!! TFS

  6. Love this piece...the color's, the image, everything. And yeah....Wallie can be REALLY annoying...on many levels! And yet, I keep going back! LOL.


  7. HI!
    I LOVE the art & completely understand the Wal-mart story. It's annoying as hell when no one cares!
    Take care!

  8. Ah yes, Wal*Mart strikes again!!!!!!


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