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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, April 1

The Golden State "True Love" ATC

I whipped up these little gems this afternoon, after I got home from making paper at Loretta's house...but more on that later.

I have this little book about California - of course the title is "The Golden State" but there are other types of golden states, don't you think?? Like the Golden State of being a child learning to ride a bike, spreading their wings and growing up. Or the Golden State of being in love - whether it's with a person, pet or place, love is love and it makes you feel good, right? Or the Golden State of being at one with yourself....this is just the beginning of my ATC series of the Golden State. It's my creative prompt - my 10 minute art exercise that I want to do every day...WANT to do and ACTUALLY doing is another thing, but it's my goal!

I would like to give credit to where I got these images from, but in all honesty I can't remember. Art Zine maybe, I've had them forever - and can't remember.

I know it's been a long time since I blogged - or at least it feels like it's been a long time. To be honest, the weather is getting me down. The constant snow (yes more yesterday though no accumulation) is driving me bonkers. Totally crazy. I find myself wandering around my house - GRAZING in the kitchen all day. Bored. Sick of the weather. All in due time I suppose, all in due time.

Yesterday there was NO School due to a Teacher's Workshop, so I took the little Valentine to Borders...just want to recommend the new Somerset Studio...lots of good things in there this time - LOVE IT. I had to choose though, because I wanted to pick up Somerset Life (Rebecca Sower's article is awesome, btw) but I had to make a choice and Studio was the I can't live without choice this month. Maybe next time!!

So, la te da, it's April 1. All Fool's Day. Are you a fool? I do believe I am a fool for art....TTFN.

PS: I just listed those two ATC's in my Etsy shoppe!! I'm hoping they don't last long!


  1. Fools are cool - LOL

    Love this amazing project- gooodness!!! Ohhh the new Studio - yummie!!!

  2. Speaking of "grazing" in the caught me with a triscuit (or 10!) in my hands!!! It's rained, it's been sunny and it's really windy here today -- but more like spring than any day so far. Hang in there's coming your way too!!

    Cute creations -- and yes, "golden state" can apply to so many things!!

    Haven't seen Somerset Studio yet -- probably be here in a week or so. I just bought "Digital" and it's wonderful!

  3. I love those and your interpetation of The Golden State! Cant wait to hear about your paper making experience and let's hope that spring is on it's way!

  4. Oh... friend.. I am SOOO with you on the weather being a DRAG! It's getting to me also!
    I keep thinking we need to escape to someplace warm and sunny to teach together!
    Loving these ATC's!

  5. Sure hope you will be able to get out and about soon and that the weather changes - gives you more craft time though to stay indoors?? I love the way you incorporate tickets in your work - also love the vibrant colours!
    Greetings to you


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