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Wednesday, April 2

the GOLDEN State, Journal Revolution Challenge

the GOLDEN State
, originally uploaded by CatherineScanlon.

I've been enjoying reading the Journal Revolution blog lately, that Linda Woods is hysterical - if you haven't visited, you must. Yesterday she posted a challenge for the members of Tally Scrapper to do a journal page and include a picture of yourself.

I'm not a member of Tally Scrapper and don't feel like joining another community and feeling my way around. so I just played along and posted it here and at 2PS, I was happy to see that I actually got some comments for a change over there too, that was a pleasant surprise because I usually don't get much for comments. Anyway, this page was a continuation of my Golden State challenge that I came up with for myself, only it's a scrapbook page and not an ATC...but I used something from the in my eyes it still qualifies as meeting my rather LOOSE requirements! LOL.

anywhoo, this did take all of a half an hour. No laboring over elements and placement and straightness, and visual triangles and journaling or exact mat sizes and catalog numbers and writing instructions and signing photo releases. Just me, some paint, some scissors, some good vintage stuff and putting it all together to make this. {I DID NOT USE MY PAPER TRIMMER TO MAKE THIS PAGE, and it felt great!!}

I don't have any more of those airplanes and I'm bummed! Isn't that Daisy D's patterned paper just the best? TTFN....I'll post some pictures of my paper making escapade with Loretta tomorrow!


  1. Now this is really FUN!

    The airplane is so cute. You'll just have to find some more, that's all :)

  2. I love it! That picture of you is so adorable! You have such a cute smile :)

  3. This is a gorgeous piece! Love the vibrant yellow. I never have much success with that color.
    Wanted to tell you that I'm on the DT for a challenge blog and this week's sponsor is Linda Wood! She's giving away two of her books too. You might check it out.
    My piece for this week is the pink one.

  4. wooow- I love the background and color - such an amazinbg layered layout! Awesome!

  5. I love reading that blog -- it's incredible!! And so is your journal....

  6. This is beautiful!
    I have bought your books, wich arrived today:-)
    I am a "textilperson", but I also like scrapbooking and rubberstamps, and mixed media, so I think they will be good!


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