Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, June 4

Workshop Freedom

My friend Cheryl Boglioli came to Maine and Merrymeeting Art House at the beginning of May bringing with her an amazing class that she taught on her East Coast trip with Glinda, her vintage trailer. I was lucky enough to have time and the room in the studio to play along -- and I thought I'd share my process.

First, Cheryl and I painted our base canvases, and then we swapped. The canvas above is the one that she painted and the canvas below that Cheryl is holding up is the one I painted. It was scary and FUN to swap canvases with her, I'd do it again.

After the base color we added collage bits. Love that little man from a vintage book.

More layers, gesso, modeling paste and pencil scratches.

Tomorrow is a new day, for sure.

This is where my painting left off at the end of the day. Definitely different from the others, but totally me.

I love the FREEDOM that taking classes offers. The ability to explore the technique and mediums while keeping true to my own style makes me happy and wanting to learn and experience more.

Here's a shot of three of us and our paintings that I snagged from Cheryl's Facebook Page.

Each painting is so different, but we were all super happy painters! Thanks for dropping by today, have a GREAT weekend!

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