Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, December 24

From BLAH to Ahah!

As an artist I have come to the realization that my art has various stages it goes through -- and they range from beautiful to ugly -- each and every time. I start each piece with grand ideas of what I want to create -- always having hope of what it might be. No matter how it starts, and how many I love this stages it has -- it ALWAYS gets to a super ugly stage, where I really don't like it.

Kinda like this.

This is a critical stage, I think where many artists abandon the piece they are working on. When really, all you need to do is walk away for a day or two or ten years -- and come back to finish what you started with fresh eyes and a different perspective.


After a while, you end up loving what you do, and it might end up looking like this and making you super happy!

All these pages needed were some details -- some black and white lines to make them interesting and beautiful.

These two also had the same "ugly stage" but now they make me happy.

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