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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, May 13

Flowers always Inspire!

Last week I visited with a friend I haven't seen in a long time. We spent a little bit of time talking about business and a lot of time catching up. As I was leaving I noticed a watercolor painting I had done YEARS AND YEARS ago (sometime around 2001) hanging on her wall. It made me happy to see it -- and to be reminded that I am still doing what I love -- creating art.

The narcissus in this painting happen to be flowers from bulbs that were originally in my grandmother's garden. I transplanted them to my garden a few years ago and I think the moles must have eaten them because they haven't bloomed since. Seeing this painting was a lovely reminder of my grandmother and now much I loved her flowers.

My Mother invited us for dinner on Mother's Day and I snapped this picture of a bouquet of daffodils she picked from her garden. As I was processing the photos on my computer this morning I thought the composition of this photo looked similar to the narcissus painting above -- I think it might become the inspiration for a new painting. Only bigger, and in acrylics.

Thanks for dropping by, enjoy your week!

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