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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Thursday, February 14

Baby and Portabella's

I don't know about you but I don't think creativity is limited to the studio and using art supplies! There are so many ways to be creative -- think about how creative you can be on home decorating projects, sewing -- quilts AND furniture, writing -- poetry, books and even silly blog posts.

What about gardening. For me it's a huge creative outlet -- designing rockbeds, planting flowers and then sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your labor. In flower AND food form. Even in mushroom form ;-D

For Christmas my parents got me a Grow Your Own Mushroom kit. I was a little bit afraid of it at first. I, honestly -- am not that great at following directions. As a friend mentioned the other day -- I wing it -- and I do that a lot. I like to hope for the best. Go out on a limb and see what happens. That's why my husband puts all things together in this house...he reads directions. and follows them. and he does it well.
Because I knew this kit was NOT cheap -- I procrastinated about digging out the directions and actually reading them. It just does against how I do things.
I had until the end of January to get things set into place and get the mushrooms on their way to growing! I didn't wait until the 31st though -- they were ready to grow and in a cool dark place by January 21st! Yay me.
The directions turned out to be not so bad, obviously I did something right because I harvested my first batch of 'shrooms over the weekend.  It was a good thing I dug the directions out to see how to harvest them because I would have cut them instead of plucking and twisting. Yeah, pretty technical terms here. 

Look how cool they look all lined up on this Instagram photo. LOVE it. (See -- not only did I get creative with gardening I got creative with taking some pictures of my beautiful, organic Portabella mushrooms!)

I had a nice range of sizes -- the ones in the top row were the biggest -- I gave them to my Mother so she could make stuffed mushrooms out of them. I think they liked them. 

I sliced the ones I kept and sauteed them in butter with some garlic. 

They were SO delicious! I'm kinda wishing I had waited to serve them for dinner tonight -- they would have made a delicious meal for my Valentine's!

Happy Valentine's Day -- and do something different today -- read the instructions! See you later!


  1. I think that is so cool! Might be a great gift for my guys! They love em!

  2. oh, your mushrooms look wonderful!! I'm so inspired to plant a garden! I have always wanted a garden and we certainly have the room for it, but never got around to it. (I don't like directions either!)

  3. I'm the direction reader in my house...I think that is an awesome gift to give & receive ;)

  4. LOL! Last week I put together a shelving unit and a friend came to help and asked where the directions were. For the most part I wing it also.

    Glad though that you read the directions for the mushrooms. They look gorgeous and love your photos. Although that one with the saute mushrooms is making me hungry.

    Next time I'll read the directions Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom.


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