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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Thursday, September 16

Still a Work in Progress

Wow, what a transformation....most of the mess has been organized and put away. Still waiting on those "details" to be installed....starting to loose my patience though.

You thought I was crazy on the last studio post about watching TV, but you can see there really is a TV in there now ;-)

Waiting on shelving to be installed so this will find a new home. urgh it's frustrating - everything I needed yesterday was at the bottom of the pile.

This is pretty much where I am today...still.

A view from the other side of the room.That's the kitchen through the doorway on the right and to the front door on the left. I think it's the perfect spot for a studio. My Dad made that shelving unit for me - but I need to take everything off it and put some supports under the center as it's starting to sag from the weight of all my stuff, I mean junk.

Hoping my shelves get installed today, when my installer gets rid of his headache. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day!


  1. oh wow!! what a brillaint space, you are sooo lucky!!

  2. TOTALLY cool Cat!! Bet you are excited about creating in THERE~!


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