Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Friday, February 12

Vintage Valentines

I've had a sick boy home this week and haven't had much crafting or Valentine making time. since I haven't blogged since the beginning of the week I thought I'd share a few Valentine's I made a few years ago, when I look at them I fall in love with them all over again. I hardly think I could have made them, they are so pretty.

The card above uses a stamp designed by Michelle Ward for Stampington that I stamped with black StazOn (a solvent ink) and then painted it with watercolor paints. I also added some shimmery sprays called Radiant Rains by Luminart, LOVE them! Instead of spraying them on, I spray them on my palette and brush them on. I also mix them with the watercolors, it jazzes them up quite a bit. Radiant Rains are a lot like Glimmer Mist, but I think they use a lot more iridescent medium. I don't think they cause the paper to curl as much as the Glimmer Mist. After all that I collaged the stamped images with vintage and other scraps from my box and added some pretty Valentine ribbons, and of course some stitching. No project is complete without stitching! ;-)

Same Michelle Ward stamp along with a stamp from Tim Holtz and lots of scraps of ribbon, paper and a pretty heart charm from Art Girlz, who sadly are closing up shop due I think to the economy.

Same as the last two, love that vintage button, wish I had some more just like it!

I'd love to know what you made for Valentine's this year, leave me a comment with a link and I'll stop by!

I do hope my boy is better soon, though February break starts on Monday. I find it tough to work from home during the day when he or my husband are home, so I don't tend to be very productive when they are around. Not sure why that is, I guess I feel like I need to be with them instead of in my messy, cramped studio. Oh, maybe it's the messy cramped studio that's kicking me out and clogging my creative juices, LOL.

Well, thanks for stopping by, hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Those are gorgeous cards Cat! I hope he feels better soon it's going around. Are you getting pounded with snow out there? We made heart crayons for Val. day. they are on my blog. :) Little V may like to do them it is fun watching the colors melt together. :)

  2. Ohh those are sooo stunning- I love all the layering and details- amazing!

  3. These are just amazing...I always love the way you do your layers and stitching.

    yapping cat

  4. Beautiful cards!!!! Love that great Stampington is one of my favorites and I need to remember to use it more often!!!


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