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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Tuesday, January 19

Random Stuff from an Art Girl

Saturday we went to the flea market while Mr. Art from the Heart (he he he) took a class to tie some kind of fly for fly fishing - and Saturday night he had his friends over for craft night so they could all tie flies too. (he he he, that's another story - LOL!) Anyway, while he was crafting at his class (ROFL) the boy and I went to the flea market. He had five dollars and I limited myself to twenty.

I hadn't been for quite a while, but my favorite vendors didn't disappoint, they had some great stuff. My favorite button lady sold me two bags of shell buttons for a dollar a bag! I didn't get a close-up of the post cards, but they are really pretty. I've got a project that I need to do for someone that I am planning on using the daffodil one on.

My favorite notions lady has been saving tape measures for me for a while - and I got all these tape measures from her. The silver plated dish I am going to use to make a wind chime - using the silver ware I bought the last time I was there.

Another lady let me have that large heart mold for just a dollar! And can you believe all those little molds were only $2., I couldn't and snatched them right up. I only found 3 old tiny keys - they charge so much for them and I just don't like to spend that much on them.

I was pretty happy with my $20. worth of goods.

Continuing the randomness, thought I'd share a picture of each of the trading cards I made for the Red Lead Very Vintage swap.

The one below is the one I made for myself.

We've had a lot of snow in the last couple of days (getting it out of the weather pattern for my trip to California on Friday, phew) and the cross country skiing has been great, except my skiis need to be waxed. The path was very inviting, don't you think?

This is my favorite field, it's big and I usually go all the way around the field and back to where I started. It's snowing in the picture - as a matter of fact - it's still snowing now! They are forcasting another 5 to 9 inches on top of the 12 or so we got yesterday.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you are having a great day!


  1. ohhh such awesome finds! and I soooo love your atcs!

  2. i love your at'cs and what great treasures you managed to find...jenxo

  3. oh those postcards are gorgeous! what a bunch of pretty things!

  4. Catherine, love the finds!!! funny cute story about Mr. Art!!
    hey I would love to attend your flea market sometimes, seeing your goodies I would love to drive over and shop....

    Peggy lee

  5. Awesome ATC's friend! Love them all!
    And as for your "finds"... ohhhh.. I wish I was "finding" with you!

  6. hmmmmmm, your purchases is "speakin to me"! as we like to say! :D Especially those tape measures....nice! And all for under $20.00 you done good.

    OK, so see, we need to head your way, the hubbies can tie fly fishing flies and we can go flea! :D

    yappping cat

  7. Lovely stash I have nowhere to buy stuff like that.


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