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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Saturday, July 14

My OLD man is 42 Today!!

Since we are the same age for only 19 days - I can officially call him my old man....and guess what he's doing right now - taking a nap!! He got up at 9:30 and he's taking a freakin' nap at 11:00....hello OLD Man - shall I administer your meds now or when you wake up?? Ha. I've got random things to post about today - nothing much creative and I apologize for that. I'll post my ScrapMuse project when it's time, maybe Monday. I've been having a heck of a time with my email. I've got incoming working fab but my outgoing is kicking my butt. Patience if you are waiting on an email from me....I'll get it sorted out soon, promise. There's a ton of email in my outbox - just waiting for it to be right. On to other things, our landline will be hooked up on Monday. Yahoo. Maybe I'll call ya..... ha. This is one of my favorite antique oil''s been living in a really NASTY frame since I got it, but as I was unpacking came across this one. Though it's not great, at least it's not nasty.

This is a picture of my very own Tim the Tool Man's bootox as he was hanging something for me. Gotta love it. HA.

And this is a picture of my Little V acting silly with some wildflowers....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. LOL - sounds like a good time for a nap for me! Have a wonderful weekend too!

  2. Pretty nice boota for an old guy! lol just kidding ...tell him Happy Birthday!


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