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Friday, July 20

EpiPEN oh my!!

We took the little V to an immunologist/allergist yesterday to figure out some of his allergy issues....he was so brave....the nurse Rebecca poked his back over 30 times with little plastic things that had stuff he could possibly be allergic to. Oh MY Word! 30 TIMES! Then, we had to wait about 15 minutes for the allergy things to do their business....and can I tell ya - it was a LONG 15 minutes. We had thumb wars, played hand games, blew cool air on his ITCHY back while we waited....and waited....and waited!
so this first picture is about 30 seconds into it.

And this moment was about 7 minutes later. Big V and Little V were playing rock paper scissors.

And this is just before she wiped all the stuff off! He's allergic to dust mites, cats, dogs, 3 kinds of grass, ragweed, pigweed, plantain, cottonwood trees, walnut-oak-elm-elder-birch-maple-beech and willow trees......and he's not allergic to milk or mold.

THEN she had to put all kindsa stuff with a needle UNDER his skin because they wanted to get a more definitive answer on some of his allergies. So she came back after 10 minutes, looked at me and said - do you carry an epipen around with you? {insert TOTAL freak out inside my head} WHAT? huh? WHY?? No. WHY? Because he's SO allergic to SOY that you should think about that.

What. Then we got lessons on using an EpiPen. then I totally freaked out. again. and again. and again.


  1. Poor cutie!!! HEy- but I have no clue what an epipen is - I gotta ask hubby

  2. Oh poor V, give him a big hug. He is soooo brave. But at least you now know what to avoid and just tuck that epipen in a handy spot and hopefully you will never have to use it. It will just be a security thing.

  3. Ohhh geeezzz... I feel so bad for him when I look at those pics! What a trooper! It's good to you can be prepared...but that is scary!
    I'm glad he is having fun with his dad in those photos because if he was sitting there looking all sad, I dont think I could stand it! Poor little V!

  4. Knowledge is power. Sometimes it sucks to be forced to learn something against your will. But, its all for the greater good!


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