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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, November 3

Mushroom Stamps Oh My!

Hello friends Happy November! I think that fall in Maine is a super colorful and beautiful time. The weather is usually pretty mild, but not super cold. With that change in season brings damper weather, which also in my mind ushers in a time when it's fun to go on mushroom scouting sessions.

We certainly aren't in the group of people that feel confident to search out and consume them, but I"m always amazed at the creative shapes, and beautiful colors to be found.

So, in honor of fall -- here's one of my latest journal pages using my Art Gone Wild Stamps.

For this page I used two different stamps, the Fungus Amungus #1 and Fungus Amongus #3 -- both available NOW on the Art Gone Wild website.

First I stamped the two stamps, using my MISTI stamping tool to line them up perfectly on the page, Then I used a pencil to fill in the design and make it look more natural -- the last step was to add a quote. Next I'll add color, and I'll be sure to share that when it's ready!

THANK you so much for dropping by today, have a wonderful and creative day!

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  1. Love your mushroom stamps--can't wait until after Christmas when I can begin spending money on your stamps again!!! Haven't visited the blog in a while b/c too many temptations! : ) Am also planning to sign up for Creative Jumps Start 2015 in the next few days! LOVED the 2015 version!!! Hoping all is going well.


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