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Thursday, August 12

Art Is in the Cards: Fly With Spirit

It's been a long time since my last post - life has been so CRAZY busy that blogging has been the last thing on my mind. We've had birthdays, anniversaries, a pool installed - and a deck built - and played in said pool - seems like I had a ton of projects to be worked on, and quarts and quarts of pickles and jams to be made - and I finally designed and ordered a new studio - and so much more. I'm hoping said new studio will be installed in a couple weeks. When I placed the order for the cabinets they told me 3 weeks - and that was a couple weeks ago. I need to decide on and order the counter top now.

I'm also knee deep in designing and working on my new classes starting for the fall semester over at My Creative Classroom - but I'll do a post about all that tomorrow.

One of the fun things I've been working on are my ATC's for this month's swap at Art is in the Cards. The theme was Sew, What's bugging you?

Hope you are enjoying your summer - as we certainly are enjoying lovely weather here in Maine! Thanks for stopping by - I'll try and post much more often!


  1. hi hi! hope your summer is your pool has been a blast! looking forward to November!
    can't wait to see the completed houses! take care talk sooon!

  2. love, love, love your work, Catherine!

  3. Missed you girl! Awesome ATCs - I love hem!!!!

  4. hi Catherine, glad you having a fun filled busy summer, here on the east coast that can be really bummed that weekend in November you are teaching I am at a Women's Retreat teaching a workshop....can't wait to see your new creative space....lovely ATC

  5. This is so great Cat.. I LOVE the stamp. AFter the first time I saw you use it .. I had to get one!
    Arent you excited for your new studio stuff? I keep saying I'm going to paint and pull everything out to re-do..but I'm afraid it will be like expanding foam.. once I take it all out .. I'll never get it back in. lol


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