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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Tuesday, December 8

Making Tags....Snowman Tags too!

I was finishing up my last lesson for My Creative Classroom today and got side tracked with this little guy. The lesson is on making holiday tags, and I was going to include him, but decided to put the tutorial here, for you all to see. He still needs a nose, couldn't find any orange so I decided to wait untl I get some to finish that part, but just love how he came out.

what you'll need: Bazzill Snowman Chipboard shape, white paper, black cardstock, glitter - a couple colors of your choice, Bazzill Chipboard snowflake, stamp tag from Stampin' Up, red ink, Happy Holidays ribbon, twigs from outside, wire, 4 large and 6 small brads, sewing machine, stuffing

Trace and cut out your snowman from the white print paper. Add to chipboard snowman with a piece of double stick tape on his head only.

Apply glitter glue to the cut out snowman and sprinkle glitter over it.

Trace and cut out hat while waiting for glitter to dry.

Wrap plain red ribbon around the hat to form a hat band, secure the ends at the back with double stick tape.

When glitter on the snowman is dry, lift paper and add a little stuffing to the buttom two circles. Add two tiny branches for arms and secure in place with double stick tape. If your glitter is dry, stitch around edges of snowman. (You can stitch first and add glitter second if you want, this was just how my project evolved as I started without a plan....the best way to work sometimes....)

When you are stitching over the twig arms, be careful with the needle. I was lucky that mine were small enough that the needle went right through them. The twigs were dry so the needle stitched through them easily.

Add the hat to his head, then apply a couple more colors of glitter, if you want. I used silver, white, and some of the new tinsel glitter I picked up from Michaels last week, it's new and from Martha Stewart.

Wrap the ribbon scarf around his neck a couple of times and tie a knot to secure it. I like to add the scarf before I put the eyes and buttons so I get the face positioned in the right spot.

Use a drill to drill holes for the brads that we're using for the eyes and buttons. Use the tiny ones for the eyes and mouth and the larger ones for the buttons on his body.

Apply silver glitter to the snowflake and when it's dry, attach the tag to it with red cotton Perle floss. Embellish with a bow.

Bend wire and curl up the ends to add whimsical curls to each end, tie the ends of the wire to twigs using black cotton Perle thread. Tie the snowflake to the black wire with the black cotton Perle when you tie the wire to the twig arms.

You can use this as a fancy door knob decoration, as a package decoration/tag, or an ornament for your tree.

THANKS for stopping by, hope you have a great day!


  1. oh I love him! seriuosly, first the felted men & now the glittered man.....I'm in love and distracted from all of the other stuff i have to get done around here :-)

  2. Catherine-I want to come over and play!! I am only a few hours away, you blow my socks off!!! love this snowman. I will have to try this. thanks for sharing.

    Peggy Lee

  3. Sweet! Can't wait til Monday to felt some "men" :)

  4. He's very cute! Love the "stuffing" to make him puffy! :D

    yapping cat


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