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Wednesday, October 7

Art from the Heart Giveaway

I was in JoAnn's yesterday when I remembered I promised a give-away soon. Soon. What exactly, I thought, does soon mean. This week, tomorrow, in a couple days? Since I can't remember WHEN I said I'd be giving something away, I decided that soon must be now!

As I was looking around the store I saw this bin filled with pre-cut ATC blanks - watercolor paper, acrylic paper, textured paper....and more. Buy one get one...So I bought many - thinking that I would offer a give-away of a pack. But, when I took a picture of the pack, I realized it looked a little cheezy - so I've added to the paper pack - two original, hand made ATC's. Now it looks like a nice thing to win.

So, leave a comment on THIS POST, this exact post - and I'll pull a name from the hat on Monday. We've got big plans for the weekend so i'm not sure I'll get to it before Monday. And, spread the word if you want. The more the merrier! Good LUCK, you've got the whole weekend to comment and spread the word!

I've been working on some you like them? Actually, I made them a while ago and need to get them finished. I do love the way they look, so far anyhow. I have colored 2 or 3 of them, they are fun to make, that's for sure.

Well, gotta run. It's my friend Vic's birthday today....stop on by and wish her a Happy one.....she's only 38 or something like that! ;-) My boy and I made her a couple funny video's that tickled her fancy. Thinking people might want to hire us to make silly video's for them.....yeah, I didn't think so.

Well, thanks for stopping by, 'til next time!


  1. What fun goodies ... can you believe I just made my first ATC last week ... thanks for the chance to win ... love those charms too.


  3. Those charms are amazing! Very cool!~

  4. Oh would I love to win, I have to say I have never made a ATC so this would be great. Love those charms. so beautiful. Thanks

    Peggy Lee

  5. Love the charms! WOW!

    Fun giveaway!
    Your ATC's are pack - ready to mail out at the end of today!
    Enjoy your end of week and have a fantastic weekend!

  6. everything is great!! hope i can win.

  7. Those ATC's are fabulous! How neat that the pack comes with multiple paper types! I love that! Your pendants look great, too!

  8. Love your art! Very nice style! Thanks for the opportunity at the giveaway!

  9. Lovely RAK! Would love to get my hands on those ATC supplies and get all down with my crafty self! : ) And... love those charms! I'm gonna make some of those! Thanks for the inspiration and the generosity! -Alisa

  10. these charms are great, they remind me of some rings that I recently came across.

  11. so cool to see the charms in this stage too. Keep going girl you're onto something great!!

  12. Hey Catherine....PICK ME...I got your Sew On Paper book and "already" had in my STASH Art From The Heart...meant to be...Cindy Theriault


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