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Wednesday, December 23

Repost: Snowflake Ornament

Here's another Ornament Tutorial I thought I'd share with you while you still have time to get creative before Christmas -- this one is from way back in 2009! 


I've been thinking about snowflake ornaments ever since I went to my art group a couple Sundays ago. I saw a pretty one here, and she was kind enough to share where she purchased her large snowflakes from. Even though I ran right out and got some, I didn't end up using them on the ones I made the last couple of days.

I think the layered, different colors and textures really look nice, it gives the flake lots of weight and substance. The beaded wire really adds a lot of prettiness to them too. I realized though, after I was done - that I need to spray the backs of them. The bazzill snowflakes I used as the base are chipboard color on the backside.

To make them I had two sizes of Bazzill Snowflake chipboard, green and silver glitter, one wooden snowflake from Joann's, two snowflake punches from EK Success - one extra large and one small - I think a Martha Stewart one, beading wire and beads, a long brad - one of them was decorative and a couple pieces of bling - oh and some vintage music paper and cream chipboard.
  1. Apply glitter to the snowflakes, two were silver and one was a sea foamie green.
  2. Drill a hole in the center of the snowflakes when the glitter is dry.
  3. Punch the large EK Success snowflake punch on music sheet paper, then also on cream cardstock. Glue the two together using Gel Medium or a glue stick.
  4. Punch a small EK Success snowflake from the cream cardstock.
  5. Punch a hole in the center of the two paper snowflakes.
  6. Add all the snowflakes to the long brad, starting with the small paper one, then the the next largest one and so on until you've added them all to the brad. Position them so the brad closes on the backside, and close it. Give it a couple wacks with a hammer to make sure it doesn't come open when it's hanging.
  7. Apply a decorative gemstone to cover up the ugly brad, if it's an ugly one :-)
  8. Add a piece of beading wire, about 7" long to the largest snowflake, the Bazzill Chips that you put on the brad last and secure it with a crimp bead.
  9. Add a pretty selection of beads.
  10. Add another crimp bead and close the wire, leaving a loop to hang the ornament with and you're DONE! That's wasn't so hard, was it?

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great DAY!

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