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Monday, April 5

Like a Meteor across the Sky

Things have been a little crazy around here, that may be an understatement - but still crazy. If this is any indication of the craziness, we (son and I) were going to have frozen pizza for Easter dinner, but thankfully got an invitation at the last minute and enjoyed a nice turkey dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Gram.

I had originally planned to cook a Leg of Lamb (rather - I had planned on my husband cooking it, LOL) with a nice assortment of side dishes that I would prepare with a chocolate cake donated to the meal by Gram for dessert. That was the plan - until my husband had to have an emergency Appendectomy on Friday.

They were originally operating to remove an intususseption that they saw on a CAT Scan on Thursday - but when they opened him up they couldn't find it - then he had some other complications - along with an incision as big as one they make for c-sections but going in the other direction. They did remove his appendix that was at the Acute Appendicitis stage. Urgh, to say it's been a little stressful around here is an understatement. Plus, he was at the VA Hospital and that's about 35 miles away. Here's to hoping he's better and SOON!

In the few spare moments I've had in the last few days I did manage to get a project done for the Punch Class I'm teaching over at My Creative Classroom. I think enrollment closes soon, so if you are interested, make sure to sign up soon!

So far we made a couple of cards for the first lesson, a fun project for the second lesson - and then this little number for the third lesson. Need to get Number 4 figured out tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a wonderful Easter with your friends and family....


  1. Oh sweets I hope all is better now. so sorry to hear your hubs had to go into hospital! Wishing him to get well soon!!! Huge hugs to you!

  2. so sorry to hear that Catherine, hope hubby is doing ok now, wishing him a speedy recovery...jenxo

  3. Wishing the best for your hubby, Catherine. Hope things settle down for your family soon. Life sure can get wild at times, can't it?!?

  4. Sure been keeping you guys in my prayers Cat.. glad things are going better!

  5. Hoping the surgery went well! Take care! Hugs. :)


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