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Monday, December 29

December, a Photo Essay!

This is our country road on the day of the ice storm. I think there was 1/4" or more of ice on those trees and power lines. The road was a little slick because it was pretty cold.
I met my friends Hannah and Heidi on Tuesday night before Christmas and we had a nice tea and quiet time before the DAY. We didn't have to worry about craft fairs (we did 5 or 6 or them since November) or helping anyone, just chatting and having a nice visit. I made the above piece of art for Hannah because she fell in love with a card I had made using a set of Martha Stewart clear bird stamps. I love them!
We got 18" of snow on the Sunday before Christmas...this was my back
porch before we shoveled it off. It was GREAT snow!
My porch decoration using branches cut off from the tree. I had the family party this year so needed to get my house all spiffed up for the 19th....21 people and lots of food later - we had a great time. Thankfully it's not at my house next year!
My boy after he opened his big (and only) present from Santa. Look at that face....he was happy...but now he's not allowed to play with it until he learns a few lessons about being grateful. I think a trip to work at the soup kitchen is on our agenda for this week.
My Dad has everything in the world, so what would he like?? Money. But how do you give someone money in a cool and creative way??? Make it hard for him to get at it...I hid it on the tree and he didn't even see it until we told him to go looking for it. I loved seeing his face when he saw it.
My boy and my Mother on a snow shoe trip yesterday. It was REALLY foggy on the river and in the woods. Kinda spooky in places. We gave her a new and easy to use set of snow shoes, I think she likes them because she can get them on and off without my or my DH's help.
Boy I look tired there! Must be because of the crazy busy fall I had.
Beautiful day today, we took the girl for a walk. Pretty soon that 9 year old shadow is going to be taller than me!


  1. Your print is beautiful! I love those birds! Great pics Cat! So glad you had a great xmas. I've always wanted a pair of snowshoes that looks like so much fun!

  2. so glad to hear from you!! sounds like it has been a wonderful week for you. love all your photos, the beautiful collage that you made and i LOVE the christmas ornament for your dad. enjoy the rest of 2008 and anticipate a great 2009!!!!

  3. Oh..I loved this post kitty! It was so fun seeing all those photos! Makes me miss the heck out of ya though! Glad you had a nice Christmas!

  4. Love the photos...looks like you had such a nice holiday. Love, love, love what you did with the Martha bird stamps! You Rock! Happy New Year, Friend! Kara


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