Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Wednesday, August 9

Do you remember the first time you created something that lit your heart on fire? That gave you a purpose, a direction, a reason to do what makes your heart happy? I do. I was laying on the couch, sick with the flu playing with drawing some things to fight the boredom of lying down. I drew this thing, this beautiful paisley pattern that filled the paper. I couldn't stop looking at it and loving my work -- I think it might have been the VERY first time I looked at my lines and realized they were good and I have not stopped drawing and inking pages upon pages -- sketchbook after sketchbook -- notebooks and anything I find handy to write on. What was your moment? #catherinescanlon #catherinescanlondesigns #breareese #breareeseglitterink #breareesewatercolor #illustration #rememberwhyyoustarted #rememberwhy

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