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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Wednesday, May 17

Creative Storytelling: Week #3: In the Garden with Mom

Here we are with week #3 of our month long Whatevers Three. This has been so much fun to plan and scheme and get all painty and creative with my story. The photo this week was my favorite so far, I think because I love sunflowers and this photo had so many possibilities!
Here's the photo we used for this week: In the Garden with Mom:

Please note, we are sharing these photos with YOU for your PERSONAL use only -- we love and encourage you to share your work on social media with credit back to the Whatevers! These photos are not for classes or in any resale situation!  

And here's my story for week 3:

Newton's mother was always surprised at how fast and tall he had grown. In just 4 years he towered over all the 11 year old neighbors. At this rate he would be a giant when he turned 18.

So that's my story for this week, be sure to come back tomorrow for the 3rd installment of my FREE Creative Storytelling class, and also drop by every Wednesday in May for another photo to be inspired by!

THANKS for dropping by, have a great week!


  1. Love this- the colors and how Newton graps on to her head- LOL.- He is a giant !!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE The Whatevers! I love the creative stories and how different three people can use the save photo. I admit I've spend a lot of money on "Found Relatives" and then they just sat. Thanks for the inspiration to start using them in my journal.


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